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Adding a png. file to your sidebar

Do you know what the width of your sidebar is?? This is good information to know. To check, click on customize and choose "add a gadget" then click " add a picture". Now look at the bottom of the box that pops up. You should see something like "image will be shrunk to 220 pixels. That is the width of your sidebar. This is especially handy to know when you are adding a png file to the sidebar as opposed to a jpeg. A png file is usually a file where the background has been removed from an image. (Like my typewriter) If the typewriter image were a jpeg you would see a square white box surrounding the image. I don't like the white backgrounds behind my sidebar images so I always upload them as png files. You must however make sure your file is no wider than your sidebar and DO NOT click the shrink to fit button. This will ensure a perfect image on your sidebar. If this all seems to confusing.. email me and I can help.