This is where you will find all kinds of free information to help you Build a Beautiful Blog!!! Some of these are great how- to's and some are just my personal opinion regarding general blogging tips and etiquette. Please take from this what you want and don't worry about the rest! If you want to learn a lot more about your Blogger blog, try my e-book Building Beautiful Blogs! The link is above.

Centering your header

One of the issues I've seen a lot is problems with a header not centering on a blog. There is a very easy fix for this. If you are still using Blogger's Minima template, click on customize on your navigation bar and then click on the edit button for your header. Remove the picture that is there and then click on the box that says "shrink to fit" Now upload your header. It should fit right in the center of your blog now. If you want to make your header larger, drop me an email and I can fix it for you.

If you are using one of Bloggers New templates then click on "Customize" and then scroll down until you see "Add Css" in the left column. Paste the following code into the box, and change the number as needed to center your header. 

.header-outer {